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MacDonald Naturopathic & Counselling

We are here for you!

If you require supplement refills, we are taking orders via the link above or by phone 519-539-7000.  Nancy will help you arrange to pick up or we can drop them off (in the Woodstock area only).

For appointments, we are seeing our patients via telemedicine or virtual means. Using the phone or our secure computer-based program allows us to connect with you and review your health while you stay in the comfort (and protection) of your own home!  Please call 519-539-7000 or contact us at the above link to arrange a time.

For a phone appointment, Dr. Crista MacDonald-Werby, ND will call you at your appointed time.  Please let us know if you would prefer a virtual appointment and we will send you a link prior to your appointment.  Follow the link and I'll meet you there at your set time.  For virtual appointments, you will need a computer or laptop (it doesn't work on hand held devices at this time... but this feature is coming very shortly).

If you feel that you should be seen in person or if you require acupuncture please let us know!  A quick phone consult will be required first to ensure this is required (per our board recommendations) and then an in-person appointment will be arranged.  Please don't come to the office if you are showing any signs of COVID-19 or if you have been exposed to someone who is.

We hope you are keeping well and staying healthy.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need care.

Dr. Crista MacDonald-Werby, ND
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