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MacDonald Naturopathic & Counselling
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Nutritional Counseling
Food intolerances, deficiencies, dietary imbalances or nutritional excesses will be assessed and treated.
Herbs & Botanicals
Our Services...
Acupuncture is used to regulate chi and achieve balance.  It is particularly effective at alleviating pain, reducing stress and supporting fertility.
Botanicals provide a safe & effective form of treatment for children & adults.  We offer a full dispensary of botanical tinctures that can be individually customized and prepared on-site for you.
Lifestyle Counselling
Diet, lifestyle, specific stressors, exercise, environmental toxicities and occupational hazards are an integral part of the naturopathic treatment program.
Physical Medicine
Specific homeopathic remedies can be used to gently stimulate the body's innate healing forces on both a physical and emotional level. 
Soft tissue work, hydrotherapy, gentle electrical impulses, acupuncture, acupressure & exercise therapy may be used as part of your treatment plan.
We provide high quality care so you can achieve your health goals.
Workplace Wellness
Reg'd Massage Therapy
Our Registered Massage Therapist is ready to treat all of your musculoskeletal concerns from sports injuries to stress.
Workshops are open to the public and are available on demand to groups of 6-8. Workshops are 1 hour long and include a question and answer period. Following the workshop, you will have an opportunity to tour the clinic. TO ARRANGE A WORKSHOP FOR YOUR GROUP, PLEASE CALL THE CLINIC!

Healthy Herbal Facials (20$ per person): This one's for you ladies! Learn how to make your very own (and very natural!) herbal facial mask and exfoliating facial rub. Learn tips for skin care and take home a sample of what you've made! 

Going Organic (15$ per person): Get the scoop on organic foods. What does organic mean? Why go organic? Does it have to be expensive? What foods are most important to have in organic form?

How to Eat without Wheat... Going Gluten-free (15$ per person): What to eat, where to shop and how to prepare meals! Everything you need to know to eat without wheat.

Home Remedies for Healthy Kids (15$ per person): Learn about fun home remedies that you can make on .your own for common childhood complaints.
At the MacDonald Naturopathic Medical Clinic, your health and wellness is our top priority. 

Treatment plans are aimed at addressing each individual's unique health concerns. A focus is placed on addressing the whole person.

At the MacDonald Naturopathic Medical Clinic we offer...

Laboratory testing may be used as part of your diagnostic work up.  Testing includes regular lab work through Life Labs as well as specialized testing through Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratory.  We have a wide range of diagnostic and screening tests available; labs includes everything from cholesterol, hormone and thyroid testing to IgG food sensitivity and stool testing.
Full Laboratory Testing
What better way to increase productivity and decrease sick time than by improving the health of your employees? Crista MacDonald, ND is available to present seminars and workshops at workplaces, group meetings and private functions. Talks can be tailored to meet your individual group’s interests and they can be held during lunch hour or at time that is convenient for you and your employees.