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MacDonald Naturopathic & Counselling
Infertility Support
Infertility can be stressful.... let us help.  Acupuncture, individualized nutritional & lifestyle counselling and herbal supplements are used to enhance your fertility.  When needed, special treatments will be arranged to compliment IUI & IVF.
Specialized Programs
We want to help you feel better through every step of life.  Our specialized programs offer solutions and care when you need it.  Whether you're preparing for a new baby, wanting to manage your weight or looking for advice on detoxification, our programs have been specially created based on years of clinical experience and medical research.
Pre-Conception and Pregnancy Support
Get your body ready for baby! Healthy pregnancy prep a minimum 3 months before conception and prenatal care are essential for every mommy-to-be!  Appointments are coordinated to compliment your Midwife or OB appointments.
Weight Management
An individualized approach to losing weight and keeping it off - program focuses on healthy eating, exercise, lifestyle counselling, hormone balance, food sensitivities and botanical and neutraceutical support.  Lab tests may be used to assess hormone and/or cortisol balance.
Well Child/Well Infant
Every person's body is different.... so it only makes sense that your detox is tailored to your individual needs. Key areas of focus include liver detoxification, gut health, kidney health, skin and lung detoxification.  Specific lab tests or questionaires will be used to determine your individual needs.
It's never too early to start your little one on the path to wellness! Common areas of interest include breastfeeding support, vaccination consultations, food introduction, healthy eating habits, immune system support, behavioural concerns, allergies, sleep issues... anything you and your child need!
Smoking Cessation
Ready to quit??  We're here to help!  Smoking cessation programs are tailored to meet your unique needs.  Whether it's acupuncture to calm the cravings, herbal support to calm your mind or diet and lifestyle management to get you on a healthy path -- we'll be there to help each step of the way.